USA Today discovers home recording

This slightly breathless report from USA Today reveals the seedy underbelly of home recording: "By day Josh Phoenix, 25, hawks cell phones for a living. At night, he returns to his apartment with a city skyline view and transforms into the second coming of Quincy Jones." Isn't the first coming of Quincy Jones still going strong? (via Julian)

It makes me mad when they say that you NEED a 2.8 Ghz processor, and that you can just SCRAPE BY with 512 meg of ram. People were making quality music with computers over 5 years ago, and they certainly had much more modest machines than that.
Well, this author basically compensates for a lack of knowledge by randomly making s*** up, so the processor hyperbole would be the LEAST of your worries, mate. Though I will say, five years ago you wouldn't have loaded an enormous orchestral library, so this statement by USA Today isn't totally off-base. Let's review statements that are:

My favorite: "Apple has become the professional recording industry standard by controlling the design of computers that work well with digital editing tools. Apple fine-tunes its motherboards, sound cards and graphics cards expressly to integrate with digital editing systems."

Ah, I love a brilliant beam of wrongness in the morning. This illustrates what happens when journalists who know very little try to compensate. It's hard. I bet if I wrote for a Petroleum Exploration industry journal similar things would happen.

This person goes on to say things like mLAN is designed for PCs and should help PC users compensate for their non-tweaked systems.

I will say, I never cease to be fasinated by the random s*** people will make up out of the blue.

I scanned through the story and it seems to me nothing more then a clever way to advertise Apple products as being the industry standard for recording and ease of use. A few other big names are mentioned as well.

What can you expect, its USA Today.

My favorite part is when they start comparing George Martin to every Joe Shmoe who sits at his or her DAW and mixes a few shitty tracks. No amount of technology or software can replace a human ear and ultimatelly their sence of what sounds good and how things need to me arranged.

The second favorite part is when he slams the analog equipment being inferior! Oh well, its a good stab never to less.
5 years ago?? try 20
All I know is that I'm gonna git me one of them newfangled computers and start gettin' my Quincy on!
budget for speakers - $30-$80.

"Tips: A decent pair of active monitor speakers, with built-in amplifiers, will help you assess what your mix will sound like when played back on a CD player or car stereo."

Please can someone tell me where I can buy a decent pair of active monitors for this price?
Wow, I even missed that one. $30 active monitors . . . I think they're talking about the Genelecs, right? ;-)

Maybe this is some other dollar, not the US dollar. Oh, wait . . . USA Today.

you guys dont know shit about pro audio , and have know idea why the author mentioned apple or any of the other products ! have you ever heard the of the word speculation ? I told him to say apple computers were the predominant in recording studios ! and they are asshole ! thats right this is josh phoenix even though I might be that joe shmo you talk shit about believe me I will fucking wreck you in a proffesional studio ! You think I was chosen for this paper cause I cant put a fucking song together ? Now I know you didnt just aim that at me but come on man dont be so close minded . So about that analog you were saying was so great ( which is partly true but not so cut and dry and simplified as mr. narrow head put it ) . I just wanted to know what you listen to your music on ? hmmmmm...
ipod ? cd? mini disk ?
no no no no of course you only listen to records because digital sucks ! 44100 is for the birds right?
and about what you said about not needing a powerful computer for pro audio - are you a fucking idiot? Just one of my plug ins for prtools(ivory) takes 1gig of ram and almost all one of my g5 2.5 chips to run it ! why dont you learn a little bit more before you open your mouth and take a little of your own medicine
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