Star Wars theremin in a lunchbox

Omnisonic makes and sells theremins in old Star Wars lunchboxes. You get a choice of lunchbox, and the innards are made by Chuck Collins from Milwaukee. Previous Star Wars coverage here and here. (Thanks, George)

This could very well be the coolest thing in the history of human existence.
My roommate has a similar box. Its theremin-ish thing with a photo-diode, which I think controls pitch, but has some other weird effects in it to give it a crazy sound. Anyway, its all in a Battlestar Galactica lunchbox.

I keep meaning to make something out of my Transformers lunchbox, but then what would I carry my lunch in?
Nice to see my theremin getting such good press. I have one made out of a Scooby Doo Mystery Machine lunchbox if anyone is interested. I'm glad to see that others out there think this was a good idea as well. Star Wars + Theremin = Geek Heaven.
That is very dope!
lets get geeky
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