Peter Pringle is the king of the Theremin

Doktor Future has alerted me to the dude-ness of Peter Pringle and his brilliant, Theremin-packed website, filled with stories of Etherphones and theremin orchestras and The Electrio. That's him in India in the '60s, and him now with his two 1920s vintage Theremins. "The dude, Peter Pringle, makes theremin music. Naturally, he's French. [Are you sure? I think he's only Canadian. ed.] He says that the thing he enjoys most in life is playing a theremin." Here is Peter playing 'Somewhere Over the Rainbow' on Dr Hoffmann's 1929 theremin. He even sells a special CD of theremin-friendly backing tracks, perfect for ther-aoke parties.

Pringle is not french, but he's from Montreal.
He is brilliant, with his own style, and he has recorded a DVD about theremin lessons.
Yes, Peter Pringle IS the King of the theremin. He has occupied the throne of the former Queen of the theremin, Clara Rockmore inasmuch as he is the sole thereminist who uses and teaches her virtuoso "aerial fingering" technique for the instrument.
"only canadain" hey is that some kind of low blow on us canuks? :P
Well, I'm in Canada, and think that the people in Montreal are 'more from France' then they are of 'Texas'. I'm wrong about him being from 'France', but he definately is French-like. What a cool guy.
Until today I have not heard of the theremin for I only came upon it due to seeking out a means of finding a copy of one of Peter Pringles song recordings made in the beginnings of his musical carreer.
I fell in love with the beauty of the theremin and am at this time sharing same with my children.
I will continue to be mesmorized bye the theremin as I seek out more music created using this amazing instrument.
And yet I still yearn to gain access to Mr Pringles songs from his eaarlier singing carreer for even then his muscical artistry was amazing and I would dearly love to hear his songs again.
Hey Varonica, I just found this looking for info on Peter Pringle. I have Warner Bros. 1976 record album available. contact me at
I agree with Varonica about Peter's past recordings - especially "You Really Got Me Needing You Now", "Let Me Love You" and the more obscure "Outside And Inside" - what a shame these terrific tunes aren't on CD!

PS: Peter Pringle's real name is David Murray - Anne's younger brother!

PPS: No, he's not French, or even French-Canadian, for that matter - he's an anglophone originally from Nova Scotia who just happens to have a very strong command of the French language.
Use to talk to Peter Pringle quite often on the phone, when I lived with his sister Joan, and her family, in Toronto, and then Bermuda. One night Peter and I enjoyed a bottle of Mateus. The good old 70's. Unfortunately, as often happens, we lost touch, except for seeing his sister and niece Katey, in the 80's. Would love to talk over old times and get up to date with Peter, so if anyone knows how to contact him, or he reads this I would love to hear from him on my email. Many thanks. Laura Brennan (nee:Smith)
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