Micro synth on a wristwatch

This is just about the coolest thing I've seen since the incredble £400 Seiko drum machine watch. I found the image by mistake on the website of PME Records, a big studio in Denver, but haven't been able to find any more information on the web. Anyone else?

Totally cool. This thing looks pretty vintage, but if someone's still making these let me know - I mustreview it!!
oh no! it's another fake from the makers of Sage. it's not vintage, it's only rendered to look that way so we would drool over it and try to place an order! thanks for getting our hopes up again, makers of Sage.
Oh, myyyyyyyy god.

I used to own one of these.

As a kid, I was synth-crazy and before I could afford proper keyboards, I had tonnes of these shocking monophonic pocket-money monstrosities.

It was well chunky (bigger than an OnHandPC, or at least, it seemed so on a child's wrist), the clock part and the 'synth' part were effectively seperate (and literally seperate if you broke the hinges off), running off seperate watch batteries.

It was, unsuprisingly, monophonic, sounded fairly awful with its little piezo speaker-thing, and the keys became unresponsive quite quickly.

I'm sure owning one resulted in some serious childhood beatings, but at the time I thought I was ***king Michael Knight, I can tell you.

I believe it cost a princely £6, from a market in devon.
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