Massage interface for music

Wiley (from the wonderful Video Thing) writes with news of a Squeezable Interface for music making, created by four guys at the University of British Columbia. "Imagine massaging someone with your hands and fingers. Now imagine massaging a tabletop in the same way. Not quite the same, right?" They're tryining to invent something which is more like a shoulder, less like a touchpad. The system works with a bit of rubber glove material, painted with spots, and stretched in front of a webcam. The webcam captures the dots, and translates them into something which Max/Msp can understand. As always with these graduate projects, the heroically geeky video [21mb divx] explains it better than I can - but there isn't anything in it about specific music uses.

this is the same interface Col Jack Oneil used to control the Ancient's weapon and destroy the goa'ould invasion force in a Stargate SG-1 episode
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