Man pays $120 for a Casio VL-Tone

Dan writes with jaw agape: "Do you believe this eBay auction? Someone paid $120 US for a Casio VL-1 / V-Tone. I'm sure it's nice, though." The auction is a masterclass in eBay writing: "This is an absolutely superb, virtually mint example of this classic analogue mono synth / calculator". The buyer looks like a serious collector (they recently paid $5,450 for a 1965 Fender Precision) - or perhaps an engineer from a studio spending someone else's money. As far as I'm concerned, he (or she) is just someone inspired by my Engadget column from a few weeks back.

I paid $1 for mine but I do love it so.
I stole mine and I love it. But I stole it out of spite which makes it better. $120 is a little much. I also noticed that its apparently the possessed one. Rock.
oops, no its not. Still rocks though.
This it the kind of thing that would turn up in a thrift store eventually. The art of bargain hunting is loosing to the ever powerfull and convinient E-bay. I once got a casio SK-1 at a garage sale for $5!
And the only sound it makes is a demented BWeeeEEEEwwwwwEEEEEEeeeeeWWWWW.
Utter bonkers. I do believe I actually threw my VL-Tone away a few years back. Doh!
$120?!?!? aw man! first my Atari 2600, then my Commodore 64, now this???
Holy shit! I HAVE One of these! I got it for my 10th bday! I'm keeping mine!!!!
Funny. I've owned mine since new. Great for um... great for sitting on the bookshelf in my living room with my Merlin (look it up ;).
I just added a fairly long comment about the VL-Tone article on Engadget. (My nickname on the site was VL-Tone even before the article)

Some part about my personal history with the VL (I got mine on my 9th bday! in 1983), and some part about a crazy notion I have of likening the Casio VL-Tone to the iPod :)
VL-1's are cute, but honestly, there's much cooler Casios to get ... ala the PT-30.

And I realize that "eBay prices are insane" threads are passe, but has anyone noticed a surge in older drum & rhythm machine prices lately? Like the cat who paid over $400 (!) for a Korg 55b? Good gravy.
i got 100 euros for mine. the guy had seriously cool nerd glasses, though!
Hell I was going on thirty when I got mine. I had a studio in my parents upstairs bedroom. I was trying to multitrack with two stereo cassette decks. I remember telling my brother there has got to be a way to get a computer to trigger a sequence of notes. MIDI was revealed shortly thereafter.
I learned how to play chariots of fire on mine, and I will give it to my son.
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