The Keyboard Sitar

While looking at, I found this fantastically strange 'keyboard sitar', which they sell for $150. It's a little handmade Indian instrument. I love the way the keys get smaller as the notes get higher. Colin at MIT has just sold his Keyboard Sitar, but still has some details on this page, including this [mp3] recording. How does it sound? Awful!

They're all right but I got mine for $50. They're known as "Indian banjos" or "bulbul tarangs". They're basically dulcimers.

for some pretty good information.

I use a brass guitar pick on mine and a violin transducer on the body and then run the signal through an electric guitar amp with light chorus.

I have a bulbul tarang myself, mine has ridiculous numerically labeled 1930's style typewriter keys on it which fret the strings. It is sat right next to my Sitar, I dont think they are even vaguely related. It's more like a strummable hurdy gurdy.
Hey dude,

i got mine from Apollo's Axes - - they also sell a smaller version for around $50.

It sounds like a swarm of angry bees, that you can play. Like this: NYYYYAAANGGGG
I heard a MP3 sound clip at it sounded great!
I bought one and was impressed. The dude there sets them up so they are ready to play. you can hear the clip at
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