Jim Motley, the king of the tradeshow booth

VIDEO WEEK:Jim Motley is the UK Product Manager for TC Electronic. At tradeshows, he does demonstrations. He's not quite as funny as the Prodikeys "this is rock'n'roll" guy [wmv video] but he's pretty ripe. He's described here as "an absolute spaz", which is a little harsh. I think his finest hour is this [QT] one, because he sings and dances. There's more Jim here. If you've got any more funny tradeshow videos, please let me know.

Words fail me.

That vocoder sounds nasty too.
And... how are those wack sounding effects going to fix a singer's sore throat. This is like watching QVC.
he has the best hand gestures, hands down.
Hot. Hot. Hot. Come see a real blog!


Awesomeness beyond anything you''ve ever seen! Crazy! Delicious! We even have a theme song!
Hey, I'm Air Guitar Champion of Boston, MA. You guys can't touch that coolness.:(
that guy is a fricking riot
Yeah, but did anyone buy anything??
that guy has a serious case of OCD with the bottom of his shirt.
Hehe. Now there's a frustrated cabaret entertainer if ever I saw one... :)
Is he famous?? What is he doing in the picture?? Is he acting spider man? Anyway, I do not understand him...,but I think he is enjoying the music.
WTF are the lyrics to that stupid song? Sounds like:
"inside alligator/coming back from pelican"
those are the lyrics adn their cool. you should liksten to the disc, its all good. That sond is track 2 called REPTILAVIAN and its about how snakes evollved from birdz which is %100 true and you can look it up, they r called the Swiss Chi and I think their from Swissland and it's cool bcuz not many ppl there have influences like rapping cuz swedish ppl are usually boring. OMG that guy is funny tho he is not sedish. LOL!
Since when do swedish people come fron "Swissland"?

This is Jim here, thanks very much everyone... :-) Whenever I do a demo, I at least try to make it a bit more interesting than the usual.
i´ve seen all jim´s videos. In my opinion it would be better if he talked less and instead played more audio examples. Some times it seems a little bit ridiculous.
oh! i forgot! Don´t miss the faces of the audience in the frankfurt 2004 show, they look like "oh, my god...what a freak!":P I´m bad, i know, sorry; but i can´t stand this guy.
looks just like me when i try to do something in ableton stoned to death.
wats the name of the song? n the artist.. thers no record of swiss chi..
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