How to sync a 16-tonne steam engine to your laptop

VIDEO WEEK: Thanks to 'Susan' in NYC East London for pointing me towards the Steam Driven project. The video on the site contains many good things: People using 'laser gates' to synchronise laptops (I think running Max/MSP) with the movements of a huge steam engine, then jamming along with the engine with guitars and Adrenalinn FX boxes. It all happened a couple of weeks ago in Brighton.

This is cool. Hope I can see the video.
Brilliant! And they're in fact syncing things via Max/MSP and laser gates -- see a full description on my site.

Now if we can just find a place for them to do this here in New York. This may require some serious negotiating with Con Edison (my power utility -- sorry, Manhattan reference)

URL here, sorry:

Composer Stuart Smith on techie details of the project

Well beyond my Max/MSP patching abilities, but bravo.
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