Hot Disco Fun with a MIDI knob box

Say what you like about Behringer and their super cheap music gear. This video [wmv] of a Behringer BCR2000 knob box dancing to acid house from a DSI Evolver is pure geek heaven. Stefan Trippler, we salute you! (Thanks, Jim)

Excellent job......view my blog..if u get time..
Wow, I just looked at the price of this one. It's dirt cheap!
Since your site is about blogs,

might interest you. It is about Maltese (Malta a contry in Europe) music
that is fuckin sick! good job on that - and BTW, Evolvers kick ass.. I love mine - serial #00056
What exactly is making this happen? I mean, how and what is mapped to the knobs?
I just bought Evolver #00248 and it's fantastic.
Man, i can't get the disco movie to work! durn. My mac hates AVIs for some reaason.

Also, umm, not sure how to put this, but, is anyone else here kinda annoyed at this blog promotion thingy in the comments? Sorry, i guess my posts aren't so edifying and thoughtful either, but, but....Gah, i guess i'm just old fashioned, I like it when the comments are about the original post, not just 'hey look at me!!!'
it's true: blogspam is dopey

are you using mac oh-sex?

try downloading the latest version of videolan client at

it's worth downloading - this movie is more inspired madness from trippler, who's done more to promote the evolver family of synths that anyone else out there.
Allerian, i guess you can do this just by hitting record in your sequencer and moving all the knobs manually with the song... and repeat and repeat to get all the knobs dancing....

id like to try it but i dont have one yet... but i really wonder if i need it...

free your mind and your ass will follow....

the BCR can not only send middi CC but receive them as well.

I programmed a rhythmic controller track for each BCR knob in Cubase. It wasn't that much work because it was mainly a copy and paste matter.
Use VLC or MPlayer for avi in OS X. First you must right click download.
Hey, thanks for the help. That was totally worth it! Cheap LED Thrills! Probably sounded like Prefuse 73 scriggle.
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