A heartwarming story about the Technos Axcel

I just spotted this nice comment on my Engadget story about the Technos Axcel: Gocy writes: "I used to have a friend in the eighties that had one of these things, he was 17 and he had a fairlight II as well. He was the shadiest m.f. I've met and his fairlight used to crash all the time. Never knew how he got the cash. I remember this was like an astromic sum of 15,000 USD or more. I heard he got put in jail later for trying to stealing his own fairlight in some insurance scam. I remeber him trying to show me how the Acxel converted a sampled sound to synthes and it came out completly different or can I say turd like."

I love LED glow much more than LCD glow. LED's are pure, punchy, and far more high-tech than LCD's, what with their cold cathode back and filtration concept. One must not filter purity, one must emit purity. Or not. Whatever. I love the concept of the touch panel interface. I was thinking though, re: Lemur, that one could just buy a Tablet PC and write up some software to do that sort of thing (if the tablet PC had multi-touch sensors).
Crikey, I'm showing my age now... I remember when this thing was reviewed in "Music Technology" magazine here in the UK back around 1986 / 1987. They were touting it as the next big thing if memory serves, so that was sure to pound the final nail in the Axcel's coffin. I seem to recall that a certain Peter Gabriel, he of the Fairliht devotion, took a look at it too.
CanĀ“t tell you enough how I enjoyed your site!! Thanks

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