eBay of the day: Vintage Theremin, just $3,000

I've never heard of the Theremin as a devotional instrument, but apparently it does happen: This 1965 vintage theremin has a great story - "My father, who is also a saw player, played it in his church ministry." Not totally sure that it's worth $3,000 (with two days to go), though. The top bidder is a very serious radio collector. (via Theremin World) UPDATE: Eric from Metasonix writes: "It wasn't made in 1965 - the owner's father bought it in 1965. It's an original RCA theremin from 1929. And $3000 is chicken feed for an UNRESTORED RCA in this condition. It should bring more like $10k. The top bidder, "firebottles", is a dealer. He will probably resell it. For a fat profit..."

An original RCA theremin is easily worth 3000$... the question is what kind of condition is this one in, and does it warrant that price?

the components used in this theremin havent been made for over 50 years... therefore the RCA theremins have a particular sound that others do not
who the fuck would want something like fat!!!!!!
I say! Since Music Thing was featured on the Blogger home page, you get all kinds of riff-raff visiting...
Quite so: I'd hazard that the gentleman who wrote that comment was not even wearing a tie.
Did anyone see the Ebay site's image of the RCA label? It's hard to read, but seems to basically say these RCA units were only authorized for home use. Special permission or some such would have to be obtained to play it publicly/professionally.

Odd, huh? Imagine such a label on a guitar or keyboard or set of drums. On say anything other than a not-so license-free Sample CD . . .

--Gentlemanly enough, but wearing a wrinkly T-shirt
Thanks for your blog! It is a great outlet from a long day at work!

Keep spreading the good word!!!

-- Kara
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