eBay of the day: Vast accordion/synth, just €5.50

What were German Italian synth designers smoking during the 1980s? Raffael writes: "I found this strange thing on German eBay yesterday. It's an Elka organ with accordion keys. The German text says: 'Analog synthesizer, synth or keyboard from the 80s ...quite heavy and dirty, found in cellar...function unknown...' I remember having seen one of these in a second hand shop years ago, but I don't know what it sounds like. I can imagine a joyless "alleinunterhalter" (one-man band, literally: "alone entertainer") using this in a beer tent." Currently just €5.50 and they accept international bids and Paypal (which is quite rare in Germany). I think this dude at Gizmodo should invest. UPDATE: It went for €5.50! It seems to be a Concorde X-902. Here is a great picture from the peerless combo-organ.com.

actually elka wasn't german at all, it was an italian firm.

(an italian that reads your blog every day)
It looks very much like the internals of an elka X-705 in a different box (I own an x705.)
The number and layout of sliders/buttons for the different sections (drum machine/synth/manual presets+mixing+sustains) are the same.

I'm gutted this went for £3.68 as I probably have the parts to fix it! (The internal design is modular with everything on millions of unreliable plug in cards!)
Oh, by the way. I forgot. I think the one on ebay is an Elka Concorde X-902 with button keys.
More pictures here.
(Scroll down to the bottom)
There's a Synthex listed on eBay today, too. Straight outta Italy.
Your site is really inspiring.
Good work
I like articles about music
Well, the seller didn't want to ship it, so that's the reason for the low price.
Hi Im Danny From Australia
i own a elka concord 902 and the sound is great
would like to buy a new one if anyone knows of any
cheers my addy is danny23167@hotmail.com
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