eBay of the Day: Sisme Drum computer

What is it with Germany and amazing vintage drum machines? The same guy who sold the Wersi CX-1 a few weeks back now has this Sisme/Godwin Drum Computer for sale. I don't know much about it, but it looks incredible. Currently just 1 Euro, and he will ship outside Germany...

i think you'd have a job getting any sound out of it without a godwin organ attached to that funny connector on the back to drive the chords and arpeggios.

although... you could pull it apart and build a controller yourself. the pins dont look as numerous as the ones on this guy's project, so the keyboard interface might be even more hideously complicated than an 8x8 matrix:


and speaking of godwin organs, check out this heavenly device:


Me gusta tu página y el tema a ver si le echas un vistacillo a mi web de coches automovilweb.net
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