eBay of the Day: Loads of gun noises on a CD

Picture the scene: You're at the 2005 National Association of Broadcasters show in Las Vegas. Barely able to focus after half a dozen yards of frozen marguerita, you stumble across a stand selling sound effects CDs. You spot one called "Guns" and read the back: "Choose from more than 60 different guns, rocket launchers and hand grenades. This library includes North American and European models, vintage black powder guns, World War I and modern weapons, and full size military munitions". Then you listen to this [mp3] awesome preview. $500 for three CDs! Great! I'll take 'em!
Two months later, you realise what you've bought and put it up on eBay, with the description "Our customer realized they had no need for them." Come on, it could happen to any of us...

Wow, screw listening to the sounds of rain or the birds chirping. I bet nothing relaxes the mind quite like the sound of 60 different guns right before you need to get to sleep. I suppose another practical use would be if someone were to make some fake news broadcasts. Heh. That would be cool.
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