eBay of the Day: DIY Mobile Studio

Sean writes: "A guy is selling a 'Mobile Recording Studio', built into possibly the ugliest box I've ever seen - and he says it cost him £1000 to have it built? Are they really car speakers in there?
"I particularly like the lard-arse on the sofa who couldn't even be bothered to get out of camera shot. There's also some clown in the background who looks to be dancing."
Harsh words, Sean, but fair...

lard-arse? havent heard that import yet
"NB I am advertising this item elsewhere and reseve the right to withdraw it at anytime"

Ahh, that looks like an ultra-rare pre-production Nakamichi Mimio2000x with stereo USB connections and SuperKaraokePlusPlus. It was used heavily on the Jann Arden South American tour.
and it comes with Alberton Live!
i dunno whats funnier - the fact he made it, or the fact he is trying to sell it
Hey babe, wanna come back to my place and see my studio...?

Absolutely hideous. This guy's brain needs a defrag.
Have Am*str*d gone into the DAW market ?
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