Depeche Mode's studio gear explosion

Depeche Mode's website has a series of pics of them recording in Santa Barbara. Lots and lots and lots of old gear, and arcane effects pedals balancing on every horizontal surface. So how do they spend their time? sitting in reception, reading the Financial Times...

2 pieces of EMS gear are in those photos. mmm, nice to be rich.
Kudos to them for spending time reading the Financial Times. Better rich than OD'd.
There's an important lesson for us here. All that gear hasn't translated into better songs. Massive stacks of gear and real electro-acoustic instruments aside, I think Martin and the lads were at their peak 15 years ago
Funny, but strange: I'm an analog freak, but my fave Depeche album is still "Music for the Masses" which, if i remember correctly was recorded and mixed digitally (I think the CD said DDD), mostly using their samplers i believe.

Not much of a fan of the goofy VClarke Analog era, though they did have some hot gear; PPGs, 2600s, 808, etc.

i spy an octave-plateau voyetra!
well, they certaibly have all the right gear. i love now nonchalantly they display that synthi aks. i'd sell most of my kit, including the elektron machines, for one of those.

do i spy an electrix repeater next to gahan's arm?
Boy, 'Music for the Masses' sure was the panty dropper, wasn't it?
I love how that Lovetone Doppleganger pedal (super expensive and KISSable) is sitting perilously close to the edge on its side. But I agree. Songs are the most important thing. Then performance. Then gear.
u are right Ortho!

octave-plateau voyetra!
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