Cool 'physical drum machine' in London now

There's a pretty much endless supply of graduates doing weird shit with music, but I really like Andy Huntington's idea. His 'Beatbox' is a control panel, with five little satelites. The satelites have (I guess) little solenoids on the bottom. So, if you put them on something that makes a noise (like a pizza box, or a coffee cup), they can 'play' that object in time. The interface looks really nice - just tap the top of the satelite, and it repeats the rhythm. As always, the video explains it properly. You can see Beatbox at the RCA Show until 3rd June JULY (sorry!).

I think this would be one of the most entertaining past times. very creative and looks great. Also this is byfar my favorite web-site ever!
great little thing! it reminded me of some of the things made by Pe Lang, who controls little mechanic tap-machines with his computer in his live-sets (via midi I think). you can find three videos here:
show's open till 3rd July.
That's great! i was thinking of building something similar myself, tho much less clever and stylish looking.

Box drums are always good... My friends' band once played with a drumkit consisting of one snare and one cymbal, plus a bass pedal hitting a large cardboard box with a plank of wood weighing it down. The box sounded surpisingly good mic'd as a bass drum! And of course was totally demolished by the end of the gig! :)
that's awesome!
Why is it that demos of new technology never has talent as part of the equation? This demo is really lame cuz the guy is just hitting random crap. He has no rhythm. If you wanna show off, get a real drummer to demo it.
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