The CD sleeve you can play

Pixelsumo have another report from the RCA design show in London. Matthew Falla's connect..draw..remix uses conductive ink and a usb-connectable CD case. You get the CD home, plug it into your computer, then draw on the sleeve with a pencil, which allows you to remix the track. I suspect big labels are desperate to find ways to get people buying their plastic discs, so they'll be on the phone to Matthew very soon.

Holy Oramics! I'd love a hardware sequencer that let me paint pitch, timbre and amplitude tracks in this way.
Hell of a good idea and it is a great way to add some value to CDs. The technically literate will be the first to adopt this and it is (generally) the technically literate that drove P2P networks to be as popular as they are today.

Adding something to the product that the geeks can only get if they purchase the disc and the geeks will buy the discs again. It's about time they (the industry) wake up.
woke up!
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