Cassette Tapes R.I.P

It's hard not to shed a tear while reading this BBC report about the impending death of cassette tapes. Nobody mourned the passing of VHS tapes (too big, too complicated, too crappy), but cassettes lasted pretty well. All this week, we'll me mourning their passing - so send your stories. Previously on MT: Homemade DJ Cassette Decks, the strange world of German vintage cassette collectors, Cassette to USB drive hack, and the cassette museum.

Wow, the project C-90 webpage is so awesome. I found my favorite tape that I only owned one of. It twas the Sony Metal Master (bottom of Sony page) made of CERAMIC and about $6 each! Yes it was pearly white and heavy ceramic. Beautiful and won't melt!
i loved cassettes, and would still be using them, if the mechanics of them weren't so crappy
the daddy of all cassette tapes - sony super metal master can be bought from these guys at the bargain price of $299 for two! dont all rush at once...
oh i guess the supers have a magnesium case, which seems normal, y'know?

You know the ceramic is the shit though. What aboot a ceramic ipod?
Have you heard about Plusdeck 2c, yet? It is a cassette tape drive for PC, which enables you to convert cassette tapes into digital files; such as mp3, ogg, wma, wav and more. Thanks to Plusdeck, now you can bring bunches of your lurking tapes back into life! Need more information? Simply type 'plusdeck' in Google, you will find more than you need.
Long Live Cassette Tapes - I still enjoy listening to, trading and selling cassette tapes.
I love the sonics of cassette and LP and wish they had not takin such a great thing away from the public. To me everything sounds flat on CD and cassettes and LP sound sharp crisp and clear.
I like reel to reel as well. Music company's can make a fortune. If they came back with super high grade tapes for reel to reel and sold new upgraded music. Same with the cassettes. Im sure they could have introduced the super cassette as well, that plays at faster speed and with high grade tape. To me the cassette sounds way better then CD but you need a good tape deck as well. So in stead of buying a brand new cassette from the music store. Im going to have to buy used from someone else.
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