Awesome video of a kid dancing to Kraftwerk

It's been linked all over the place, but I only just saw this [wmv] clip of David 'that guy from the VW advert' Bernal dancing (he's the third kid on. You'll know it's him when the crowd go apeshit). There's a great interview with David here at Turns out he's a big Warp Records fan. (from Kingblind)

that has got to be one of the funniest things I have ever seen (and my speakers aren't even working)
That boy is completely boneless!

I haven't had so much fun since I went to learn spanish in Costa Rica
That WMV is awesome!...I saw another viedo on somewhere but this is the best!
One of the most impressive I've ever seen:

Old Skool Flavor guaranteed :D
Which Kraftwerk song is it?
he has a brief cameo in you got served (But not for very long because he dances better than anyone in the whold damn movie)and I saw him in an ipod comercial (he was a silloette! I could spot the moves)

but yeah, david elsewhere is my hero
> Which Kraftwerk song is it?

It's Expo2000.

I don't usually enjoy watching people dance, but this video always gives me chills. The kid rocks.
that is great... that kid must spend mucho time perfecting those moves in a mirror
The kid is called Dave Elsewhere and he has been in a ton of stuff. VW commerical, the slurpee commercial, the "you got served movie", most recently the techno logic iPod commercial and this is his homepage:

its not too updated but its got some other good links/videos
whats the song in the david elsewhere slurpee ad?
David Bernal (Elsewhere) is the sweetest dude ever. I am pretty much a cheap immatation of him.
Only my sholders and ankels acctually move that way naturally. he had to streatch for years to get them to bend that way.
D Elsewhere Owns all dancers.
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