Another Latronic Notron on eBay

Yes, I've written about the Latronic Notron step sequencer before: Here and here, and every time someone points out that they're totally overhyped and not worth the money. Which I'm sure is true. This one is one of the original first run 'giant black toilet seat' design, for sale in Switzerland with bids starting at £995. (Thanks, 'Susan')

My favorite part of the Notron is it's wallwart AC adaptor. YAY!
More than hilarious.
With experience on just about every piece of hardware and most software sequencers I can attest that the notron is a stellar design. It illicits unusual results in a very musical manner. Most sequencers are not prone to this behaviour. It is overpriced but at the moment nothing has replaced many of it's *features*.
I'm with the other "experienced" user above-- the Notron rules. Anyone who disses it is just jealous. It provides a multitude of fantastic creative options you can't find anywhere else, and it's design is superb. I have an "electric blue" MkII since 2000 (single digit serial number) and hasn't disppointed me yet. It really does look like NORAD when it's up and running, and I've performed, not "played", performed, live with it many times to great effect. How many other sequencers out there will allow you to crash and burn at the show? It's very hard if not impossible to "wipe out" when your sequencer is not much more than a glorified CD player. This is proof that the Notron is something special indeed. The real-time performance possibilites are incredible. Worth every penny on the second-hand market for appropriately skilled hands...
i love my notron is like a musical instrument more than a machine...
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