Where did the original Star Wars noises come from?

While we're on the subject of LucasFilm, EMusician Xtra links to Filmsound.org's Star Wars special. Highlights: The screech of a TIE fighter is a 'drastically altered' elephant roar, and a brilliant bit about Ewok language, which is an electronic composite of Tibetan, Mongolian, and Nepali. Elsewhere on the same site is this interview with sound designer Ben Burtt, where he goes into more detail about Darth Vader and Lightsabres...

ah yes, I remember hearing that R2D2's bleeps were made in part on an ARP 2600. skwoop.
I worked in the Lucasfilm computer division in the early '80s. One day while hanging out with the sound guys, we took a peek in a closet and saw a Roland Modular, which Ben said he used to do R2D2's voice. Possibly an ARP 2600 was also involved, but I doubt it -- I never saw one.
My friends and I still swear to this day that Wicket speaks tagalog (we're filipino), but the "it varies from character to character" bit in the article might still attest to that.
So... Has anyone tried the TV-lightsaber-thingie?
can't argue with that Tom (Duff)! Plus respect for where you work at now, and having your own patent. I watched 'the adventures of andre and wally b' the other day...it makes me shudder to think what it must have been like to 3D animate in 1984. Gawd bless XSI 4 is all I can say...
I saw a star wars documentary this weekend, and the sound designer stated how they used a sped up human voice of baby like giberish, and then fed it through varous modulation sources- which could have been where the arp or the moog modular came into play.

I'm just speculating here, but if one listens closely enough, R2d2 does sound very much like a human voice fed through a ring modulator, - rather than it being just simply sound oscilations created from a modular synth alone. ... ... ...
The Arp 2600V softsynth manual claims that the Arp 2600 sample + hold module was used to create R2D2's bleeps, and having fiddled around cluelessly with the thing i found it can indeed make some R2-esque sounds. :)
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