Professor Television's Photo Theremin (just $79)

Doktor Future writes: "I recently purchased this Professor Television [I'm guessing that's him on the left] optical theremin. It took him about a year to ship it, but the email exchange was very civil and increasingly amusing over time. To make up for the delay, he also sent me a CD of his band , which is funky Christian absurdist electronica that you just have to hear to believe. This song is clearly anti-Darwin. Awesome.
"Anyway, The cool thing about optical theremins is that you get amazing effects illuminating it with the LED from an optical mouse (you hear the strobing effect as FM modulation). LED flash lights or flexi-neck led pen lights also work well, since the lens defects (i.e. flare spots) allow for some cool modulation opportunities. You can also cover the sensor with your thumb to block off almost all light, and slowly allow some photons (or heat from your thumb) to create LFO effects as the oscillator capacitor discharges. Awesome."

I love my did take a couple of months to arrive but only had to pay around $55 from a Dutch eBay auction. I posted a sound sample here but it's not much different from the one available on his site.
By the way...a someone cool named Rafael at AHNE last month designed and contructed a 6-oscillator Photo-theremin, out of a freakin' LAW BOOK. Here's a pic of it...sorry no sound samples but it was real wonky stuff.
Thanks Dave, that was me. I still haven't gotten around to... uh... making a website. Too busy working, soldering, etc... I will definitely let MT know when I have something to show for myself.
This site had simple instructions to build a sound-modulated LED, laser pointer or even flashlight! Build on of those, feed your choise of audio in and point it a photo-theremin for amazing modulations!!!
has, not had, oops.
Check out a similar device for sale from Reed Ghazala. It's called the Photo Clarinet.
I downloaded this software a few years ago but never tried it since I don't have a webcam. You simply stand in front of your webcam and move your hands and it covernts your hand movements to pitch and volume ala Theremin. It's a stroke of genius and I'd love to hear how good it works. If anyone tries it please post your results:
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