Leather bound mic preamp

Robin writes: "I was looking for info on portable mic preamps and came across this, the PA-24NJ Portable Mic Preamplifier. If you like your hardware gritty, homemade, covered in leather and strapped to another piece of equipment with large velcro straps, this is Audio Engineer Pr0n at it's best! The sick thing is that I find myself actually wanting one..." What you might have missed is that these gnarly little things cost $1,000 each.

Mic preamps like these and dats will be a moot point once this comes out.

Not only does this have mic preamps but XLR inputs with phantom power. It also reportedly has 1/8" mini inputs with 5 volt power for lower end or stealth microphones. Oh and it records uncompressed audio to flash memory up to 96k@ 24bits.
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