Jew's Harp day Pt 3: Behold! The virtual JHarp

In January 2003 this very bad-tempered thread on KVR discussed the risks and possibilities of building a Jews Harp synth. (Sample quote: "You guys have obviously never taken the time to play a jews harp, the dynamic harmonics you can get from these is incredibly intricate, simply sampling one is not an option"). But last month, Moscow trance musician Dr Tikov released Jew Harp 1.0, which is a very basic synth, based on 50-odd samples with a filter and a fantastically cack-handed graphic interface. (He's the same guy who developed a fondue-emulator VST a while back, and he has an incredibly slow website filled with cool stuff which I'll be linking too as soon as it downloads). Inspired by Dr Tikov, I recorded this [1.2mb mp3] JHarp-based rendition of Sisquo's perennial favourite 'Thong Song'.

dodgy russian jews harp emulator thong song meets kraftwerk on a pc with a midi file.
best thing ive heard in ages...

does he actually say in that song :
'thong a make your booty go,
thong a make my woody grow' ?

can anyone confirm this ?


MIDI file? What do you mean? That was me playing live. Er...
Very enthused about downloading a synthesized jew's harp...always wanted something that got the sound they used in The Band to record "Up on Cripple Creek," (and I don't know what they used to make it, but it was a synth) I would be happy with an ersatz one.

Anyhow I downloaded Dr Tivi's .rar file twice and it decompressed with a "broken file header" each it seems I'll have to settle for the Mp3 til it's fixed.
Haven't been back to tell the good Doctor, so pass it along if you're going there real soon........Paul
Actually, that jews-harp sound you hear on Up On Cripple Creek is neither a jews harp nor a synth. It is played on a big old Lowrey Organ with the stops set in a way that ony God and the genius musician Garth Hudson know.
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