High-Tech, recyclable, right-on new guitar case

Former TV exec and Music Thing reader Nick Comer-Calder has designed a high-tech guitar case that's very Mandarina Duck. This is his R&D website, which also comes with a blog. At the moment it's still in pre-production, but he hopes to manufacture before the end of 2005 from a recyclable, ultra-strong, ultra light weight material called CURV, which is a kind of poor man's carbon fibre. It's possible they'll be built in China, but ideally he wants twin plants in the US and UK, to cut down on pollution from transport. Price should be around £200, which makes them a lot cheaper than the current Rolls-Royce guitar case, Calton who make built-to-order fiberglass cases for $700+.

Great - I'd like to order a custom case for my double-headed guitar.
that's a sweet lookin guitar case. I'd like to see what it looks like open.. unfortunately the website seems to be down or overloaded.
Glad to hear you like the looks.

If you have any other ideas or suggestions about what would make a dream case or gig bag let me know - there's tons of questions on my blog. I would really like this to be a co-creation project - my ideas combined with those of my potential customers.

Custom cases will be available in the future - though probably not for a double headed.

If you can't get into the CO website from the link onn the blog just enter this url in your browser and you should get through www.calderoriginals.com/home.php.

Can't show you the inside just yet as we're still working on the detail. We'll post pics on the blogs of all major developments/new prototypes etc.
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