Glenn Branca's Double Body Guitar

Kevin writes: "So I've been thinking about Glenn Branca lately since he recorded Symphony #13 (Hallucination City) with 80 guitars, 20 basses, and drums back in October (it should be out sometime soon). I was wondering if you'd seen these pictures of him playing a double neck guitar (not the Jimmy Page type either)." Wow! Looks like a photoshop trick, but isn't. I don't think there's enough NYC art-rock on MT.

i was going to say that's not Branca but, wow, he's ... aged.
As a daily Music Thing reader, and the guy who took the photos at the 13, thanks for the link! Anyone curious about the sessions may want to read my excruciatingly detailed textual report that goes with the images, at
I read an interview with Glenn Branca a few years ago in which he described this guitar. His reason for using this construction is that the string length above the slide only produces harmonics (which are then amplified by the pickups at that end of the guitar).
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