Ebay of the Day: Wurlitzer Sideman, #1 drum machine

I wish I had the space/time/money to buy this Wurlitzer Sideman and give it the love and attention it deserves. In 1959, the Sideman was the first ever commercially-produced drum machine - a huge all-valve box with a spinning rotor-arm which triggered the various sounds, a bit like Raymond Scott's awesome light-powered Circle Machine. It's a fantastically complicated and ambitious thing, complete with switches for things like "foxtrot variations", and ten trigger buttons on the top which are the spiritual ancestors of those grey pads on Akai MPC samplers. This Sideman is apparently in good working order, but tragically has no bid yet at $99 with 21 hrs to go. (Thanks, Christopher)

Boy, I hope SOMEONE gets this thing. And it's important to note, the Side Man was instrumental in the co-founding of Korg -- by an accordion player. (There is truly nothing stranger than the history of electronic instruments.)

Peter @ createdigitalmusic
wow. torture. i'd seriously consider it on the off chance that i turn out to be infertile and incapable of having kids and need something else to fill the house with, except the shipping is more than $300...

I could have sworn those had a rhythm titled "Teen". I guess not this one.
This item sold for US $153.50
(Approximately £81.12).

I wonder if the winner (hill_billy57) is a music thing reader.
Damn! Missed it!
Way cooler than my 1970 Guild drum machine.

I have a lead to one of these if someone is still interested email me at toff@netzero.com.
My father recently passed away leaving a Wurlitzer Side Man (still works fine). I really don't know how to value it, but someone told me these things should go to real music enthusiasts. Can someone offer some thoughts on the best place to sell it and what I should ask? I appreicate the information. email me at i1wg73u@gmail.com. Thanks, Laurence.
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