Ebay of the Day: Synton Syntovox Vocoder

Tim writes: "I like the idea of an analog vocoder (VST ones just sound naff) but at this price I'll have to keep on dreaming!" He's found this Synton Vocoder on Dutch eBay, with a 'buy it now' price of €4,750 ($6,100). Synton were a fantastically rare and chic synth company, based in Holland. Their flagship product was the Syrinx, a great-looking mono synth with a weird filter, and strange pitch-bend mechanism. It was distributed in the USA by Bob Moog himself. This from the Synth Museum: "There are 300 Syrinxes on this planet. 3 of them are white, 20 of them are blue, 20 of them are red and the rest are black." (This (blue) Syrinx sold for £2040 at the Vemia Auction this year.) This Vocoder is an awesome looking thing, but $6k is silly money...

Geddy Lee sings "We are the priests of the temple of Syrinx" 2112!
I got to play with a Synton Synrinx just two weeks ago at Analog Heaven Northeast in Bolton, MA. It was definitely unique but somewhat underwhelming. The bender was very "Buchlish" and it was neat for noodling, but in the end it feels like a poor man's Pro One...
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