Crimson Twins: They have all the gear in the world

Ever wondered what kind of music you'd make if you won the lottery, went mad on eBay and ended up with a Fairlight, a Technos Axcel, various Eventide Harmonizers, a Buchla 700, Synton Syntovox Vocoder, Yamaha DX1... and so on? Well, the Crimson Twins have answered that question. Their site contains dozens of MP3 files (which I suspect are very old - the reviews on the site date from 1990) made with the most enormous pile of gear. I'll leave the comments on the music up to you.

Trust funded?
Here's your proof that it's the musician, not the instrument
Nah, not trust funded. We made most of our money through bioacoustic research and development on things like the GENESIS Bioentrainment Module & MindSong. ;~)
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