Count Dooku sings!

You might enjoy this [Real Video] clip of Christopher Lee singing with Italian 'epic metal' band Rhapsody on a song called "Magic of the Wizard's Dream", which they've recorded in four languages. This studio report should serve to remind all Music Thing readers that music can be a force for evil, if it is allowed to fall into the wrong hands. (Thanks Dave)

I gotta leeeeeeeetle red wagon
Reminds me of Lee's vocals as the Elf King in the 1970's Bob Johnson & Peter Knight (of Steeleye Span) side project "The Elf King's Daughter".

But in the 70s we forgive these things because hippies are funny.
Heshers are even funnier than hippies.
Lee also sings in the film The Wicker Man and on the classical / folk album At Dawn In Rivendell.

He wanted to be a singer rather than an actor when he was young.
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