Cool music-related DIY science projects

Thanks to CemenTIMental for pointing me towards my new favourite website. Spark Bang Buzz is a great collection of science experiments, many of which are music-connected. The guy makes photocells out of bits of copper oxide, builds his own vacuum tubes and makes a sound-reactive laser from 4 components. One of the best bits is this page, where he generates "Peculiar Sounds from a Drop of Saltwater on Aluminum" - and these [400kb .wav] are those sounds.

Glad you like, it is an interesting site! I can't get over the fact that he makes his own valves, that's hardcore! He should build a tube synth with all homemade tubes!

I tried the salt water + aluminium thing, but to no avail yet... need to try again a bit more scientifically I think. :)

Putting together several such circuits to make a chemical synthesiser would be pretty amazing!
These pages belong to Nyle Steiner, who is the inventor of the Steiner EVI (Electronic Valve Instrument), an amazing trumpet-based synthesizer from the 1970's marketed at one time by Crumar. He's also a first-rate performer, and everyone's first call when they need sweet trumpety synth action -- he was the featured soloist on the soundtrack of Apocalypse Now. Anyway, there's a page devoted to his musical electronics here.
I can't help but think that there is some feedback interaction with the 1uf cap, the resistance of the water and the amps input stage that is making the noises...
It would be very sensitive to loading, and you might not get the cool sounds without particular preamps... Perhaps some dc blocking caps on the amps input are leaking enough voltage to create an oscillator?

Have to give it a go to find out!
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