Build your own recording phonograph, just $65

If you're sick of digital recording, Audio Cubes are selling two kits to build vintage-style phonographs. The $69 Emile Berliner Style (left) uses CDs as a recording medium, scratching grooves in the plastic with a needle, using a plastic cup as a loudspeaker/microphone. The $65 Edison Style (right) does the same thing, but uses another plastic cup in place of a wax cylinder. Unfortunately, there are no MP3 samples on the site...

I know someone who got the Berliner one, says it sounds . . . as one might expect . . . utterly awful. But a cool thing, nonetheless. Anyone got the other one?
Oh wow, i need some audio samples of this thing, looks too cool
I want to get the Berliner one, it looks like it would rock bigtime. I reckon the thing to do would be to get one of these and then get some black PlayStation-type CDs, take the labels off, and make them look like proper 78s. I could reperform some classic George Formby songs. Would there be a way of putting a more authentic-looking horn onto it? Please email me at marktuson [AT] aol [DOT] com. Thanks.
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