Awesome, cheap, transparent guitar for children

Wesley have been selling really cheap, really weird guitars on British eBay for a while now. The Jarvis-15 is a transparent acrylic guitar, ¾ scale, with one pickup and a built-in speaker. It even comes with headphones, for £59 + shipping. Sure, it's hardly a Dan Armstrong Plexiglass, but if my parents had given me one of these when I was 12, I would probably have exploded with excitement.

Wow, that looks great!
Color me ignorant, but isn't it a bad idea to put a speaker right underneath the strings? Can anyone say 'feedback'?

Can anyone correct me here?
I'd guess that the thing wouldn't go loud/bassy enough to get much string feedback - so as long as the pickup isn't microphonic, it should be fine.
But, if you did get feedback through the strings, wouldn't that just be incredibly cool!
Yes, it's cool looking all right!
About the feed back - if you look close - see the single pickup is just at the end of the fret board - in front of the outward faceing speaker - feedback Is magnetic res distortion - side by side both faceing out - not an issue - but with the pickup that far up the body - its going to sound like crap
easy up boys and girls, its a kiddies guitar, i dont think a 5 year old is going to worry about the sound when they bash their fist on the damn thing.
That's exactly what I need, a very cheap 'guitar' that just makes enough noise to get run through guitar amp pro and and transverb. Wish this was available in the US...
Are these DaisyRock guitars not the cutest thing on strings? I always appreciated it when my folks got me the real thing instead of a toy.

Presumably the amp is not powerful enough to cause much in the way of feedback. If it was, the most effective feedback production would not come from the SPL off the speaker into the strings, but rather from direct mechanical driving of the body to bridge to strings by vibration of the speaker mounted in the body.
Similar to the effect of touching the head to a speaker cabinet while playing.
I want to buy the guitar that has a transparent built-in amplifier, this much? I have more photos or videos
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