Wow! Nice-looking, useful new product from M-Audio

Gear Junkies have the scoop on iControl - a Garageband-dedicated controller with transport controls, a shuttle wheel, lots of buttons and encoders. Details are sketchy at the moment (It seems to have audio out, but not audio in) and the big questions will be "Will it work with Logic?" and "Will it work with a PC to control Cubase?", but I'm just pleased that:
a) It doesn't have any horrible shiny silver plastic
b) It has fake wood end cheeks
c) It only costs €142. Result!

On a related note: Did I see this little gem here already?
a more appropriate arrangement of the title might be:

"Nice-looking"?, Wow! useless new product from M-Audio"

that design trainwreck loooks like the wallmounted 1980s phone-paging systems we had at school...

wheres the multipoint touchscreens so we can design decent controllers, and wheres apples hardware..
No lighted keys or status lights of any sort!!! A true nightmare.

However the price is low, perfect gift for a 16 year old kid who's looking to multitrack his band.

The wood grain just kills me though. So ugly.
this looks like an overpriced "executive's device" from the sharper image catalogue.
Yes, it looks as ugly as GarageBand :(
For the same price, pick up a Tascam US-428. Better control surface (dunno if GarageBand 2 supports it but Logic and Cubase both do), and also has two MIDI ins and outs, four audio ins (with preamps and hi-Z), S/PDIF in and out, and zero-latency hardware monitoring. I use it as my primary audio interface for everything (not just recording) and it's great!
I don't know, this could be kind of helpful if I was still using Garage Band, although Murat N Konar's garage keys lets you control the transport via a midi controller you already have. I was actually using my cellphone and a copy of salling clicker to control Garageband via bluetooth. Now I use Logic and I'll have to spend a billion dollars on a big control surface.
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