The ultimate Radiohead memorabilia: Just $75,000

The perfect gift for any Radiohead fan: This MTA Series 980 mixing desk is apparently the actual desk that OK Computer was recorded on. I have no idea if that's true, but the owners say it was bought in England about five years ago and shipped to Canada, where it's now for sale. You also get a big rack of high-end outboard gear and monitors. The official-best-album-ever-(except-for-Nevermind) was recorded at St. Catherine's Court, near Bath. This page explains more about the process: "We set up in the ballroom," remembers bassist Colin Greenwood, "and the control room was set up in the library, which had these amazing views over the gardens. There were some magical evenings as we sat down with pieces of music with the windows open."

The St. Catherines Court thing is interesting. You can listen to an album a thousand times and only have this vague notion of what went in to the making of it. I suppose it now adds something new, and warrants a re-listen to now have a picture of this lovely locale it was recorded in.
I recall reading at the time that everything on OK Computer was routed through this big ol' reverb unit they had bought. Never did get any details - any ideas?
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