A tale of three guitar boxes

Three interesting guitar effect boxes announced today at MusicMesse:
Economy: Korg Pandora PX4D: I had a Korg Pandora a few years back, and was astonished - they cost about £130 and are perfect headphone/practise amps, with tonnes of effects. What's new about this model? It combines guitar amps and bass amps, which is brilliant for guitarists who also want to play bass.
Club Class: Korg AX3000G: It looks like another Boss/Line6 big black pedalboard clone, but there are two interesting things here: First, it has a Adrenalinn-style step-sequencer for effects/filters built in. That must be fun. Second, no price has been announced, but this PDF from a Romanian music shop (!) suggests it's just €404 (£275), £50 less than the Line6 PodXT live which seems pretty reasonable.
First Class: TC G-System: CDM got the scoop on TC Electronic's very beautiful shiny-button-covered guitar system. I'm not at all convinced by the weird convertible rack/floorboard thing (Do you really want a rackmount box sitting on the floor exposed to beer spills?) and the price is bonkers: €1395 (£955).

Um. That's why if you don't want the rackmount part on the floor, you just put it in a rack! I think the nervousness about beer spills might be one reason why nobody else (line6, vox/korg, roland, etc) has made any really high quality (expensive) all in one stomp box fx units. The TC also seems to be designed to integrate well with existing analog gear, has no preamp (which is a plus in my book) and the price reflects it's pro features and target customer, I'm sure. I'm not a pro, but I want one!
You guys must be playing different joints than I am. Beer spills on the floor where you're playing?! Any beer hitting the stage at my gigs would be a projectile from the audience, thus threatening the keyboard, laptop, and like. I usually just put up a tarp and some protective chicken wire. And insure my digital setup with State Farm, naturally.

And since I'm not a guitarist, and all this is fantasy anyway, naturally I favor the first-class, expensive box. Probably some of the readers can afford it. ;-)

Peter @ createdigitalmusic.com
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