Rackmount your entire life

If you're the kind of geek who reads The A-Z of Analogue Sythesisers before bed, then you'll appreciate that few things can't be improved by being rackmounted. So you'll be delighted to learn that Canford Audio sell wine racks, fridges and book shelves. As Gizmodo point out a rack of hot, humming vintage gear might not be the best place to store that bottle of Chateauneuf du Pape, but it will certainly confuse your other half...

I don't have pics but a club level touring band I used to work for as a sound engineer had a rack made that housed a TV, stereo system and a couple of gaming consoles.

No more pre-show boredom !
This guy rack mounted an atari 2600 running paul slocum's synthcart:

Wow... I hope that one day all my furniture is going to be replaced by rack modules...
If you hope to have your furniture replaced by rackmount modules, then I hope your ass is smaller than 19''...

Ha ha! That's awesome!

Mmmmm... this is giving me ideas for a refrigerated beer rack shelf for my guitar rack...
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