Pro Tools - now available as software

In the "boring, but interesting" folder: Pro Tools have just announced Pro Tools M Powered. In the past, PT would only work on PT harware - the cheapest of which was the £320 M Box. The new software is a cut-down version of Pro Tools which will work on any modern M-Audio hardware, from the Audiophile 192 upwards, and can make recordings that are compatible with any other Pro Tools system. BUT: The software itself costs $350. So, if you want to start out in Pro Tools, you're probably still better of with that sexy M Box...

So nothing has changed then, you just have more hardware to choose from :-)
Also, there was infact Pro Tools free which as the name indicates costs nothing - but wasn't really updated by Digidesign after they released it several years ago.
How irritating that they won't let you use it with the Audiophile 2496.
Hmm. All the compatible cards use Envy24/ice1712 chipsets.
That's about the most standard sound card chipset out there.
I betya there will be a 'version' that works with any sound card around very soon....
Perhaps that's what Digi want to happen...
how exactly is it a cut-down version?
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