Next up from Behringer: Real Analog Synths

So, it looks like Behringer have chickened out of their legal battle with Roland. Their US website says: "We are pleased to unveil the fantastic new look and feel of our coveted BEHRINGER stomp boxes" - a look which is now nothing like any Boss pedals. But it looks like another battle is just around the corner. On April 6th at 11am, they're launching 87 new products at the Frankfurt Musicmesse, including a range of genuine analog synths. The Ultrasynth MM1000 is a very familiar-looking three oscillator synth in a wood-effect aluminium case. The UltraMatrix SY1100 is built into a black plastic suitcase, with a matrix patch panel and a tiny membrane keyboard. Both synths are being produced in China, and the prices are astounding: The MM1000 is £250 ($475), while the SY1100 is just £200 ($375). Wow!

omg. Regardless of how much Behringer sucks, I am SO DOWN for a $300 Synthi-A!

I've wanted one for YEARS, but could never afford one...
April Fools Day?
April Fools Day?
jesus christ, if this is true, i will eat my own shit!

i will take back all those awful things i said about outsourcing and behringers' heretofore shittiness.
as if they'll even sound comparable. c'mon, fellas.
lets hope this isnt a cruel joke by the man behind musicthing.
April fools day is NOT FUNNY! :|
You Bastard!!
BAH, I thought you were serious. Curse you folks on the other side of the planet! When you posted this, it wasn't April Fool's Day here for another eight hours!

What makes it such a great April Fool's joke is that it's so easy to believe, after Behringer's business ethics regarding Mackie and Boss...
one person's response
I've been thinking about something similar for ages.
Nowadays, with surface mount analog components and automated pcb production, complex analog circuits can be made small and cheap.
So why not mass produce a real analog synth, with no midi or presets? Why do people still use DIP packaged chips and large components in analog synths?

There are no epensive or exotic components in a synthi-A other than the patch bay and spring reverb.
Perhaps even a shoebox sized mood modular is possible.
wow! love the crazy fade out effect on the text in the post....

and lovely pic putte,

would indeed be nice if the cost of music technology came down in line with other consumer electronics....mono synth with midi for £60 is what we need
Crikey you rotter... don't punish me!
Jurgen Haible built himself a synthi clone, and says: "people usually complain about high prices on the used market - and building one yourself will not save you any money. This last one was surprising, but it also was clear to me after a bit of research for the necessary components. Patch matrix, large front panel, vernier dials, joystick, reverb tank ... It was clear from the start: if I wanted to save money by building it myself, I'd better forget it!"
April Fools day. The day everyone hates to hate.
this is the first gag that got me this year
seriously, this is such an april fools.
Bwarharrharr. We all Soooo wanted to believe that one, run out and get 50 synthis before the cease and desist order, and then be all how and mighty about intellectual property afterwards - right? I know I did.

Mmmmmm. Synthi... Although that plugin they did is cool, it'll never ever come close to the cooles suitcase on earth...
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