New Roland TB303. Just £89, inc. postage

Anthony writes: "I remember in the early nineties, when people would tell me that you could get 303's for pennies back in the mid 80s, and I'd only half believe them. They weren't lying. Today, I received a 1986 copy of Sounds magazine. In the back, there's an ad for Soho Soundhouse (now better known as Turnkey)." The last three TB303s on Ebay sold for and $1025, £600 and $1875 (that one came with a TR606).

Yup, I still hurt from the day in 1991 when I went around the second-hand shops of Dublin looking for a distortion pedal for my new guitar and I was offered a 303 for £25 (the guy in the shop didn't know quite what it was), but I opted for a Boss Supradistortion instead.
Although, check out:
I've ordered mine...
A store in Eindhoven ( the Netherlands ) had a give away in the 80s..

Buy a bass guitar and bass combo and get a TB303 for free.....
I want a Tb 303 for that good a price. Where can I get it.
umm, I got my TB303 a few years ago for the princely sum of NZ$60. The guy who I bought it off didn't need it anymore and there was a misprint in the ad (it was advertised as a DB303).

lucky me.
I AM SELLING A TB303----- best offer

why tb303 while you can get the 303b0x
I just bought one and it is really great
it cost me around 250$, but it really worth.
I think it is better than tb303, also you can assembel it buy your self if you want to buy only kit version of it!!

here is their website:
i love my 303 wish I could buy one for 80 quid though
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