New NIN single released in GarageBand format

Trent Reznor has released the original studio multitrack from his new single: "What I'm giving you in this file is the actual multi-track audio session for 'The Hand That Feeds.' This is the entire thing bounced over from the actual Pro Tools session we recorded it into. I imported and converted the tracks into AppleLoop format so the size would be reasonable and the tempo flexible." Details here, actual 70mb download here. Now, can someone strip out the sound files, so non-Mac users can have some fun? (Thanks to everyone who sent this in)

Ok, so here's some Apple weirdness. I downloaded Trent Reznor's Garage Band 2 file of 'The Hand That Feeds.' When I fired it up on my PowerMac it loaded with no problems, but when I loaded it on my Powerbook G4, I got a dialog box.

Specifically this one:

Turns out, the version of GarageBand on my PowerBook is 1.1.0 (26) - the 'Hand That Feeds' was expecting version 2.0 or higher and up popped that dialog box. I guess now we know that 'Defender' is Apple's code name for GarageBand - what that makes 'Asteroids' is anybody's guess, but I keep wondering if they have a 'Dig-Dug' in development.
Non-GarageBand users can get the unsequenced "Hand That Feeds" AIFF samples from this torrent. See the NiN Hotline for more details. Cheers!
note that Logic 7 users can open garageband files in logic and re-save them as an LSO. This exports all the garageband loops to aiffs.
I've had some problems opening the file in logic pro, but it opens in GarageBand 2 without problems.

I'm looking foward to replacing all the music with happy teletubbies-style children's music so that Trent's embarrassing bleating is even more cringeworthy.
Pretty sure that Trent used Logic to export - check out the AIFF files in a hex editor ;) Note that you can simply right-click on the GarageBand file and choose "Show Package Contents", then go into the Media folder and you'll find all the individual AIFF sounds ripe for the tweaking. (That's how the people got at them to repackage for the PC.)
I'm assuming this includes the processed tracks because surely he used some time of plug ins on the tracks, and surely few people can afford the plug-ins used.

I'd really like to see an artist release a song like this with the tracks completely un-modified, just dry (or as dry as it was when they actually recorded it)

What about midi tracks that go out to Trent's synths and stuff too? did he just record the synth sounds rather than include midi...I wish I had a freaking mac so I could play with this
He bounced each of his tracks as aiffs from Pro Tools and then made Apple loops out of sections of the music. Even though you are stuck with the effects he put on the tracks, it's a cool idea because you can change the tempo or loop elements of the song.

I commend them for doing this, but man, it's a bad song. P-U.
Mogwai did almost the same thing on their latest record 'Happy songs (f)or happy people' (2003). What you got when buying the album is a cubase project with samples post effects.
Pretty sweet thing for NIN to do, but agree would be cool to get dry tracks.

If you have digi translator and drag across the data file with the aiff files out of the garage band file. You can open it up in ProTools...nice 1
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