MusicMesse 2005 starts in Frankfurt today

The biggest European music gear show starts today in Frankfurt, Germany. By way of a tribute, I'm proud to present this awesome video: "Country New Wave" by Tex Haper (The Cowboy from the North). It features slide guitar and body-popping in an entirely unexpected combination. Sing along now: "New Wave Country, Country New Wave"
PS: There are a few porn ads on the site (that's Germany!), so to be 100% SFW, you might want to click directly on the Real Video file. (Thanks, Alan)

OMGWTF !!!! Man did the 80s suck or what !!!!
if by suck you mean totally rule, then yeah.

How can you not respect a kid wearing no undies in a tracksuit doing a spagetti pop & lock
That is tragically awful. I must find an MP3 to play to my next dinner guests!!!
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