John's New Thing: Soviet Handclapper Pedal

My New Thing is a new regular MT feature. If you've bought something interesting and/or cheap, why not write in with a pic and some sound samples and a story? This week, John has a beauty...
What is it? "I got this for $20 on eBay, which seems like an eminently reasonable price for this little treasure of eighties cheese. As it happens, the sound is pretty good, with controls for pitch, release, and pad sensitivity. This [100k MP3] sample shows what a bit of tweaking does. I intend to run it through a Boss Loopstation to generate thunderous electronic applause at gigs."
Best bit: "Please note the ceramic capacitors. They're SQUARE! I can't describe to you the depths of geek pleasure this affords me. Perhaps somewhere out there is a Thai drum machine with electrolytics shaped like little pyramids...if there is, you know I'll find it." Thanks, John!

i realy would love to get a bunch of samples from this machine in good quality ! is there any possibility ?
Yes, but how does it compare to the legendary Boss HC-2 Handclapper?

i'm crazy about the claps of this pedal, what is the reference and the brand ?

thank you for helping me on my quest

From the samples of the HC-2 and the sample of this guy, I like this guy much more. Good find
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