Headphone Fetishists!

Thanks to Create Digital Music for opening my eyes to headphone fetishists. They seem to hang out at Headph0ne Phet1sh, collecting pictures of girls in recording studios, radio studios, and the like. I'd imagine that this video (it's just about safe for work) is pretty much the headphone porn motherlode, but I can't really see who's going to get off on this (very safe for work) video of women sitting in listening booths. If you're a headphone fetishist, why not get in touch and write about it for MT?

omg. i have just come to the realisation that i have been EXPOSED. heh heh heh. i must confess that at times i save a few pics that i have come across and the majority of which ARE of beautiful women wearing headphones, or playing guitars or keyboards. but my most cherished pics are those of ladies wearing quality headphones singing to a beautiful vintage condenser microphone. the most prized are pics of ladies sitting in the sweet spot of a really nice recording console. it would be a stretch, but i guess you could call that a fetish. anyone wanna swap pics? :) blonde with neumann, brunette with ssl.

gawd i love MT!
I'm kind of the minority of a minority here. I've got the headphones fetish thing going on, except it's not women for me; it's men. And I'm a guy, too. Everyone online with this fetish seems to focus on the "man attracted to woman wearing headphones", but there are people out there who are, "man attracted to man wearing headphones." Show some love, yo.
Fetishism is perhaps too strong a word - maybe more a paraphilia. Look it up :) Not all people who enjoy women in headphones do so on an overtly sexual level - it's not necessarily just whacking off to the pics.
I'm a gay man also with the same fetish,I love to see men in big,huge,headphones,ear defenders,hearing protectors,I wear mine all the time I hope to see more guy into guy headphone wearing fetish,cum on guys leave your headphone message for other headphone men lovers!
well I have the same fetish, I felt that is unusual, I have miles of photos of man with headphones
thanks very:)

Eglence Forum Forum, Paylaşım
I am a woman who loves to wear really big headphones for my boyfriend. He likes to put them on my head and sit me down and start playing with my boobs. I like to pretend he can do whatever he wants when he puts them on me. I like it when he wears them too. I bet a lot of people would like it if they were not too embarrassed by how they look to try it. We bought some huge vintage headphones online and they are big! I was almost too embarrassed to wear these ones. Do you think we are normal?
I am a woman who gets really turned on by wearing big headphones - especially when my boyfriend sits me down and puts the big ones on me - i like to pretend that I do whatever he wants while I am wearing them. He usually starts kissing me and playing with my boobs while I am sitting there in those big headphones. I get turned on looking at him wearing them too. We have three good pairs so we can both wear them together. We ordered some really big vintage ones online - and they are BIG and well padded. I was almost too embarrased to wear them. These are his favorite ones to see me in so I am the one always wearing these heavies. I think a lot of people would enjoy this if they were not too embarrassed by how they look to try it. Do you think we are normal?
I'm glad to know exist this "HEADPHONES FETISH" also among men for mens! I'm of this kind too! Men wearing headphones or headsets always communicate me an idea of power and strenght, and the more the headphones or headsets are huge, complex, elaborated, with wires, cables, dimmers, microphones etc., the more i get excited!All the times I wored headphones or headsets (in the army, or in language laboratory, or when I was speaker in a Radio etc.), i felt always a great excitement, melting with erothic sensations, if other boys were with me. What to say more? This doesn't seem me a "deviation" or an abnormality, but an amusing play, with interesting and unexpected folds! I'd like to change opininons and images about this matter. I leave an e-mail address:
Thanks to all.
I'm glad that exist this "HEADPHONE FETISH" also among men to men!
I'm such too since I was a Young boy!
men wearing headphones, or headsets communicate always me an idea of strenghth, powerful ans technologycal envolving.
The more the headsets are complex, huge, rich of microphones, wires, cable, buttons, dimmers etc. the more ifeel excited, and the most if young and strong boys wear them!
All the times I had to wear an headphone or headset (in the army, at the language laboratory, when I was a speaker in a radio), i always felt a sens of excitement meltin with herothic sensation, when with me were other boys.
In my opininon it's not an abnormality, but an amusing play, hidding unexpected folds. Herothism is expression of human individuality, and differences are wellcome!
What to say more? I'd like to share opininons and images about it, so i leave an e-mail address:
Thanks to all.
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