Genoqs Octopus: Cute/expensive new MIDI sequencer

It's currently nothing more than a website, a pretty render and an address in Stuttgard, but the Genoqs Octopus seems to be a modern day Latronic Notron. It's a hardware sequencer covered in lights, knobs and buttons. Predicted price is €1,200, which isn't cheap, although that second-hand Notron went for $1,690, and it's certainly cheaper and prettier than this Sam16 hardware seqencer for €1,800.

I see this disappearing into the mist like the Technos Acxel. Anything involving that many LEDs and creative spelling in the name seems to die before it even arrives.
they seem to have updated the website - looks like they got a working prototype and are actually making this thing real (on a built to order basis). pity that they're not using blue LEDs though.. they seem to be a real factor when calculating costs...
1999 Euros
It's real. I have one. nice unit. After nearly being blinded by working on a PolyEvolver for 3 hours straight, I'm really beginnning to hate blue LEDs.

Note that the Octopus uses tri-coloured LEDs for everything and RGB LEDs cost about $1.50 each versus $0.15 each for the standard red/orange/green

yes 1999 Euros and worth it.
I have one too. I also have a Schaltwerk, a P3, and a Schrittmacher, and the Octopus outshines them all (although they all still have their uses, particularly the P3). The workflow requires substantial ramp-up, but after that you can just fly. The interface design is deep and nuanced. I hope the design & implementation time is/was worth it for them for the number of units they will sell....
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