Free MPC2000 for every Music Thing reader!

Mark writes: "Here's a dumb flash MPC2000 sampler I made a few years ago: LINK." Thanks, Mark, that kept me entertained for a good five minutes. So, if everyone has a go, that's eight-and-a-half weeks of endless pleasure you're giving Music Thing readers.

well i dont know if i missed something, but
if i want to hear crap samples ill look on my own hard drive, there's loads of em.....
check these equally rubbish, but slightly more avante sly stone style flash drum machines here:
wel, i liked it - although i could only trigger the samples manually - is there a record/playback button anywhere?

the link avery posted up didn't work for me until a stripped it back to ttp:// and navigated [very easily it must be said] from there.
oops, i was drunk when i wrote that last night, i thought i was being wry and amusing.

thats booze for you.

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