Everybody needs a video guitar!

Reevo at Ektopia has this story about Livid Instruments' video-playing guitar, which seems to take the 'keytar' concept onto a whole new level. It's a good week for 'video instruments', with two mainstream offerings at MusicMesse: Korg's MPC-inspired Kaptivator and Edirol's CG-8 Visual Synthesizer.

don't forget you saw the kaptivatorhere 1st!

Well, second.
VJ Central deserves credit for breaking the Kaptivator story off a Japanese site.

So when will we get to see these in person? An Edirol prototype should make it here to NYC for a VJ party in July; I can't get anything out of Korg. I think it'll be a while before these are shipping.

The Livid instruments are not new. The Viditar has been around for some months. I haven't seen one in person, though; they're custom jobs and expensive. And weirdly, I don't think they process video directly -- I think they use OS X software.
Even if you're not interested in this story, the Ektopia link is worth following just to read the first comment posted there.
The Viditar is actually the instrument for the band SINCH played by Jack Smith, you can read about it on the apple site http://www.apple.com/hotnews/articles/2002/11/sinch/

I think it is an interesting performance piece
that's Jay, not Jack! viditar is not for public konsumption, but there is the Tactic on lividinstruments.com
peter kirn said "And weirdly, I don't think they process video directly -- I think they use OS X software."

You're right Peter. Most of the Livid related gear and instruments use Max/MSP and Jitter to process and control video. Livid itself is a piece of software that was coded in the module programming language known as Max. MSP is the audio element and Jitter is the video element. This package is being made and distributed by Cycling '74, a Bay Area based company. You can read more about the programming language on their website. Although it is primarily used under Mac OS X, Max/MSP and Jitter can also be run on Windows.
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