Ebay of the Day: Maestro Rhythm'n'Sound

If your cult effects pedals box is looking a bit empty, you could do worse than pick up a Maestro Rhythm'n'Sound - a very weird guitar pedal with built in rhythms, fuzz and octave. Inevitably, the Beastie Boys and Crystal Method have used these, and it may or may not have the same Fuzz circuit as the Maestro Fuzztone, which was used on Satisfaction by the Stones. (Thanks, Brandon)

i might be wrong, but i think this machine doesnt have rhythms, it has drum sounds that are triggered by you hitting a string on the guitar that meets the threshold to trigger them, so you can play a bongo sound by clouting the strings...

dr ben
I think my stepfather used one of these with his saxophone... at least, I know he had one, and he didn't play guitar...
Maestro made a similar unit for wind players. Eddie Harris used one.
I worked for Selmer's the UK importers of these boxes in the late '60's and I still have a full set of the workshop manuals if anyone needs to refer to them.

There were several different Maestro products, including a stand-alone rhythm generator and a ring-modulator unit, but the one referred to in these posts does just two things - it can produce basic drum and cymbal noises triggered from the input level and frequency or from buttons on the front panel, and it 'converts' the input into 'organ' voices - with filtering basically the same as was used on the Lowrey organs of that era.

Unfortunately it didn't support any kind of separate pickup for each string of the guitar, so chords were a no-no...

The brass/woodwind instrument version was almost identical, except it included a microphone to attach to the instrument, and the sensitivity settings were different.

Hope this helps...
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